Do you remember the Gulf War where we saw US and UK pounding Saddam Hussein. Little do we know that the decision of US and UK to attack was based on information from 2 spies. They got a wrong information and that cost a war which took many lives. The spy with a code name of “Curveball” informed that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which included chemical weapons and Nuclear weapons.

The Gulf War

If it was true then indeed it was a dangerous situation. US and UK could not take chances, and employed their secret agencies the CIA and MI6. But they came up with the same result. The main information which brought this war was about chemical, biological and nuclear weapons which were mobile, and could be sold to the terrorist organizations. The dictator Saddam called a secret meeting with CIA and MI6 to dispel the rumors but by then damage has been done. So who was this “Curveball” and why did the US and UK believe him. It is very simple if you look from a spy eye. The US and UK were very afraid of the terrorist organizations and were being attacked. If these organizations got hold of any weapons of mass destruction, then that would be very dangerous. This is the main  reason for even their spy agencies believing the spy. It is a common proverb ” You see what you believe”. The other end of the story is who was this man Curveball? Well let me give you an insight. Curveball is now in Europe an unknown location protected by CIA and MI6. He was the elder brother of Saddam. Shocked are you? Yes folks it was another story of family feud for the crown.


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