Spies have always been enigma for the common people. But they are normal people fighting for survival as we do. Their images outgrow the human beings they are. We will try to understand the Psyche of some spies who were famous. Just a brief one.

Mata Hari the enigma

Mata Hari, The German spy

The most famous spy of all time, and a woman? Yes folks it is not someone like James Bond who is the most famous spy. It is a woman who worked as a prostitute in Paris and spied for the Germans during World War I. Being a Dutch national helped her enter enemy territory as Netherlands was a neutral country during the War. She was a woman fighting for survival since she was an orphan. No one ever saw this angle of her life. She almost bought victory for Germany during the war. If she was not captured in January 1917 and executed, the information she was giving could have ended the war much earlier. Her code name was H-12 and her execution led to a major intelligence failure for Germany ultimately resulting in defeat.

The American spies: The Rosenbergs

The Rosenberg, Spies from the Soviet Union

The Rosenberg couple were one of the most famous spies living in America. Julius Rosenberg was a KGB agent who used to pass on Nuclear weapon secret to the Soviets during the Cold War. The famous shooting of U-2 was allegedly engineered by Julius Rosenberg. The couple were caught in 1951 and a long battle in the court room ended in their execution in 1953. Ethel Rosenberg’s involvement in the spying activities was not confirmed but the court ruled against her. The only Americans to be executed as spies made them famous. Let us look into their lives a little. They were victims of Capitalization in their childhood and natural enemies of Capitalism. SO, what they did was natural.

That was some information on famous spies. More is coming in the next edition.


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