Being a spy - The Spy pen

Being a spy means doing things secretly. Whether it is following the target or gathering information, the conventional ways do not work. Let us take a look at some modern gadgets that make being a spy really cool and exciting.

(1) Spy Pen – No, it does not explode like the pen in the 007 movies, but it has a camera and also doubles as a USB storage device. This gadget is very good if you want to gather information or do video surveillance on the target.

(2) Night Vision Goggles – You can see clearly at night using this gadget. These are really awesome and now can be bought online at Amazon. A must-have for spies as most of the spying happens in the dark of the night.

(3) GPS Locator – Bugs on a person or a moving object have become much easier to track with GPS. This technology helps to pinpoint the location very accurately, and it’s a great gadget in a spy’s bag.

(4) Hollow Coin – This is a very old gadget, but still very useful. It can be used to hide information written on paper or stored on a microchip. You can see its use in the famous Tom Hanks movie, “Bridge of Spies”.

(5) Spy Bolts – These hollow bolts can be used to hide things very easily. First used by the KGB, it is one of the best gadgets that is less technologically involved.


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