Several things appeal to people about the life of a spy – exciting travels, new places, and covert operations. But whether you actually need it in the field or just want to bring some excitement of your own to your non-spy life, spy jargon is just one of the things that can give you a taste. You can Learn spy jargon from the newJason Bournemovie, which strives to be realistic, or you could pick up some tips from other sources. Some useful spy jargon to know is terms like asset, blown, cobbler, handler, and naked. Asset is another word for a clandestine source or method, like an agent. Blown is when a clandestine asset (agent) has their cover revealed. Cobbler is someone who forges passports and other relevant documents, handler is an agent’s contact or middle-man, and naked for an agent means going on a mission without a cover. The list of terms and words is long, and it can be exciting and fascinating to learn them all. However, the idea of spy jargon is to elude other people when you talk. So, you could always make up your own words with a friend and create a code of your own to confuse the people around you.

Bourne - You know his name but not his spy jargon


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