The spycraft has been with us since the beginning of time. This craft has been used by many countries and traditional communities to gather very sensitive and important information that helped them win wars. In this day and age, the craft has evolved into a corporate tool where companies employ the same tricks from the intelligence community to get a step up on their competition. Torture techniques have evolved over the years currently, the use of psychological torture is more rampant. Methods of psychological torture include threats of harm to family members, humiliation, good cop bad cop and the silent treatment. The torture techniques from the past were far more brutal and ended in death such as Crucifixion, cutting and stretching of limbs and the dreaded brazen bull among many others.There is no doubt however that torture methods are never justified. It is clearly stated in the Geneva Convention that there should be no violence to life or cruel treatment. Did you know that yoga texts mention torture recovery techniques?


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