Hi I am John Embury and ardent fan of detective novels and movies. The Sherlock Holmes starring Benedict Cumberbatch is my favorite. I was born in a family where both my parents were soldiers. My father was in the air force of Canada and my mother was in the medical division of the army. To go a generation further my Grandpa was a spy working for the British, and met my Grandma during one of his missions. They were an amazing couple and I had the privilege of seeing them together for 10 years.

Spying is thrilling

Grandpa used to tell stories about spies and how they were unknown faces who actually won the war for the good side during both the World wars. He had other stories as well of spies. In fact he lived and died a spy. I was also fascinated by this unique profession, and always make it a point to know about these unknown martyrs. In this blog I will be mentioning the stories of famous spies and also some not so famous. They were all patriots.


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